Sit-ups won’t give you a Six-pack


If you want a six-pack or a V-line in your lower abs? Don’t get the illusion sit-ups will give you those. Sit-ups will strengthen your ab muscles. Unfortunately, having strong abs doesn’t have anything to do with visible cubes.

Everyone already has a set of cubes. But some have an insulation layer over it which is extra-isolated than others. This is the clue : If there is less fat on the belly then you’ll see the cubes better.

“Is it possible to only burn the belly fat when I do abdominal exercises? I want to lose fat on my belly, but the fat on my legs is fine.”

Unfortunately, you can’t burn the fat locally. Therefore you have to ensure that your overall fat percentage decreases, meaning a proper balance of training, nutrition and rest. If you exercise, make sure to focus on training your entire body !

Pink Boxing always focuses on a “Full Body Workout”. Not only the belly, gluts and legs will be trained, but also the upper body, having the best results.

Sit-ups won’t give you a six-pack, Pink Boxing does!

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