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Pink Boxing, a workout that will get you in the best shape of your life in a fun and challenging way. A complete training by the combination of boxing and functional circuit training. The unique feature of this boxing lesson is that it is only for women. No sparring so you don’t have to be afraid of a black eye, and you can let your Mouthguard at home. Boxing and functional training, the best of both worlds!

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Proud to be Pink!
Pink Boxing is exclusively for women and is the perfect workout to stay in shape, lose weight and/or improve your condition. Pink Boxing offers the best of two disciplines: advanced techniques from the sport of boxing, without any kind of physical contact, combined with functional circuit training. Pink Boxing, therefore, offers the perfect balance between hard training and having lots of fun. It is challenging, tough and hip but, above all, accessible to a broad public.

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Because Pink Boxing and Cross Boxing are offered through a licensing model, licence holders profit from an All-in product. This means that they can benefit from the Boxing Company’s knowledge and from the success of the community. Among other things, the Boxing Company provides the training courses, proven effective training programmes and masterclasses. The Boxing Company also provides promotional material and all of the merchandising.

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The Boxing Company is an official partner of adidas® and Lifemaxx®. For more than 80 years, adidas has been the leading player in the field of sports equipment. This renowned brand has been involved in the community right from the start of Pink Boxing and Cross Boxing. In partnership with adidas, the Boxing Company has developed official Pink Boxing gloves and its own line of clothing. When it comes to circuit training equipment, the Boxing Company works in partnership with Lifemaxx®: an internationally oriented company that supplies professional accessories and weights to the fitness sector. Licence holders can, of course, take advantage of attractive discounts and special offers!

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